Hello world!


After a little convincing from Minh, I’ve decided to start a blog about the many things going on in my life: training for triathlons, Minh’s push for me to start mountain bike racing, random excursions and adventures that we go on, the meals I put together because I realized too late that I should have gone to culinary school, the various crafty projects I’ll start and (hopefully) finish.. etc.. etc.. etc..

More on all that later, but in the spirit of the first of the year (woot!!), this would be a good place to put down my goals (not resolutions) for this year: (in no particular order)

  • Average 9:00 min/mile in a marathon (under 4 hours)
  • not yell at Minh so much
  • eat healthier
  • floss regularly
  • Still walk after Ironman 70.3 California (and finish under 6 hours)
  • remember to wear sunscreen
  • get into the water even when it’s freezing

Those are as many as I can think of at the moment, but I’m sure Minh will be reminding me of some additional ones tomorrow.

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