First Swim of the Year

After the ride on Sunday at Marshall Canyon – Potato Mountain (click here for previous post), my bike was pretty dirty. I’m going to blame it mostly on the stream crossings and not so much on my falling down a lot. Minh had just washed my bike last week, but it was in definite need of some TLC after we conquered Potato Mountain. Rather than rewriting everything that Minh did to clean it, you can read about it here: Tran’s bike goes to “Bike Spa”. Let’s just say that I am very grateful for everything he does for me.. more than I actually show it most of the time.

While Minh was toiling away with the sponge and the soap, I went for my first swim of the year. Just to clear the air, I don’t hate swimming. But I would pick running or biking over swimming any day of the week. Swimming is not as much fun, it’s cold, and it’s boring. At least with running, the scenery changes (if you’re not on a treadmill). Even when you’re swimming in open water, the scenery doesn’t change that much. Most of the time you’re just looking into the dark blue depths of the ocean (or the muddy depths of the harbor). To help motivate me a little bit, Minh got me the Interval Waterproof Headphone System by H20 Audio for my second generation iPod shuffle.

Granted, it still doesn’t make me LOVE swimming, but it does make the laps go by a little bit quicker. Overall, it works pretty well. You need to press the buttons a little bit harder and it can seem a bit uncomfortable at first. But after a few laps, you get used to having the headphones in your ears. Water can get trapped in there, but I haven’t had any problems hearing the music even when a little bit of water gets in my ears. The biggest fear was that the headphones would fall out during the swim and become a nuisance. I solved that by tucking my ears way under my swimcap. That ensures that the headphones don’t fall out. I haven’t actually tried it without tucking my ears in, but it just felt like the smallest ear pieces were still a little too big to fit into my ear.

I would highly recommend it if you do a lot of solo swimming at the pool. Probably not a good idea if you’re doing group swims or are part of a swimming program. You really can’t hear anything else once you put them in. Also a good way to avoid speaking to the creepy middle-aged man in the lane next to you.. not that that has every happened to me.


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