trying to become a fish…

Does it count as a brick workout if there’s a long period of time in between the two activities? I’m not talking about hours, but like 30 minutes. Yesterday was a swim 20×50 yds with 45 sec rest and easy run 3-4 miles. Not necessarily in that order, which is why I didn’t do it in that order. The pool I go to opens for lap swimming at 6pm. I get out of work at 4pm. It just made more sense to get the run in before the swim, so that eating dinner super late. And, with it still being non-daylight savings time (or are we on daylight savings times.. I can never remember which is which).. with it getting dark earlier than I would like, I thought it would be wise to get the running done with as much daylight left as possible (especially since I would be running by myself.. around the dangerous streets of Irvine).

Once I finished my run and got changed to swim, I still had to wait 30 minutes for the lanes to open up (the pool is used for water polo practice .. before and during lap swim time – makes for interesting practice when you have to dodge balls sometimes). So.. after watching kids tread water for 30 minutes, I got to swimming. Surprisingly enough, this set of 20 laps much faster than the last set of 20 laps on Tuesday. Probably because I did some 100s rather than 50s and took 30 sec rests rather than 45 sec. This probably means I should up the laps per session or swim 100s rather than 50s (skipping ahead in my training plan so that I can improve my time).

I was feeling pretty good after this swim session.. until i was getting ready for bed and realized that my inability to bilateral breathe is causing intense pain on the left half of my back. It’s an awkward area to have muscle pain because it’s difficult to stretch and you can’t really reach it to massage it out (just below the shoulder blade, close to the spine). I was able to sit in dad’s massage chair and get to it a little bit, but still went to bed with slight pain. Had to sleep on my back all night because rolling over to my side just aggravated it. Woke up this morning still in a little pain.. hopefully will be able to massage it out later. For now.. I get to sit at a desk all day in anticipation for the weekend.. YAY FRIDAY!!! probably a good time to focus on posture. It doesn’t hurt is I sit up straight.

My subscription to Triathlete Magazine finally came in the mail yesterday.. and.. **drumroll please**.. it came with the 2010 Official Ironman/70.3 Event Guide. Haven’t had time to go through it much yet, but I did see that there’s an article in there about strength training for swimming, which I will be adding to the training schedule.

1. Chin-up with bent knees
2. Medicine ball dip
3. Close grip lat pulldown
4. Reverse push up
5. Swiss ball push up and knee tuck 

Granted.. I probably won’t be able to do that many to start with, since I have very little upper body strength (and very little overall body strength now that I mention it)… but I’m sure someday.. in the hopefully not too distant future.. I’ll be able to show something for all this training.


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