Trail Running is FUN

Last month, I participated in the first trail run of the OC Chili Winter Trail Run Series for 2010. I had come in 7th in my age group (Female 25-29) out of 18 with a time of 0:53:09 (79th overall out of 201). Not bad for my first trail run ever, and first time on that trail ever. This last Saturday, I participated in the second trail run of the series. I came in 5th in my age group out of 10 with a time of 0:51:33  (67th overall out of 151). Slightly better this time than last, less than 2 minutes faster, which is probably a reflection of my running faster on the downhills than actually being stronger in the overall run.

No pictures this time because Minh was out mountain biking during my race rather than sitting around for an hour waiting for me to come in. Good for him being active and all, but not so good for the blog without any pictures.

Big THANK YOU!!! to Book that Event for putting on another great race. Looking forward to next month… and hopefully will be more than just a couple minutes faster.

UPDATE (04/08/2010): SherryDPhotography had some pictures from the race. Most of my pictures were blurry, but this one turned out alright:

Picture courtesy of Sherry D Photograph, 2010


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