Lunch Trucks: Roach Coach or Gourmet on wheels?

Lunch trucks have been around for ages. Do you really think the ancient Israelites fleeing Egyption slavery really ate from the miraculous manna that formed from the morning dew? I don’t think so. God set up taco trucks along the way to keep them well fed and nourished for their long journey… Just kidding (but I’m so spending an extra long time waiting to get into heaven for that one)… You get what I mean, though. Lunch trucks are a staple for construction sites, clusters of office buildings, and thrifty engineers who love their carne asada tacos.

Seems like the new craze (or perhaps not so new… maybe I’m just behind the times) are food trucks (not just for lunch anymore) that go beyond tacos and are a little… well.. gourmet. Gone are the days of waiting for a table and being served by a waiter. Now you can wait in line (sometimes for hours) and mingle with other young hipsters, clubbers, hungry people, etc., grab your food and a piece of grass (in the park, to sit), and enjoy a good late-night meal, mid-day snack,  elevensies, lunch, or whatever meal it is your eating. Here’s a short list of the ones I’ve heard of so far:

What’s great about these food trucks is that you can always find out where they’re going to be and how long they’ll be there. Last May (2009), Serious Eats put together a list of “street food vendors” that you can follow on Twitter, and I’m sure there are many more food trucks that have popped up within the last year that aren’t included on their list.

It almost makes me want to quit my job and buy a catering truck. As long as I keep it roach free, I should be in pretty good shape, right? Oh… and of course.. I’d have to pull out all the bells and whistles to draw the crowds, but that’s easy peezy once I figure out what to sell…

Here’s a picture I put together in Paint of what my food truck will look like (NOTE: I’m practicing left-handed mouse use, so apologies if it looks like a 4-year-old’s art project):


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