Mingling: Bahati Foundation and Pro Team Launch Party

Back in early February, Minh and I were introduced (by sitting in a crowd of people all being introduced) to Rahsaan Bahati, pro cyclist and founder of the Bahati Foundation. The mission statement of the Bahati Foundation is:

The Bahati Foundation supports youth in inner-city and underserved communities. Through grants, scholarships and cycling outreach programs, the Foundation empowers youth and provides funding to schools.

The whole mission of the Bahati Foundation doesn’t revolve around cycling so much as it has to do with empowering youth to rise above adversity and find opportunities through community outreach and music. I wouldn’t do the foundation much justice trying to describe it here, since I’m not that closely involved with it, but if the website has tons of information about the Foundation, its mission and goals, upcoming programs and outreach, how to contribute, etc.

With our connection to Jim Manton of Final Fit (who just happens to be the Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team Fitter), we were able to get into the Bahati Foundation and Pro Team Launch Party at Club Nokia on Friday (March 12). It was a nice venue and very successful foundation/team launch. The whole team was present and looking very sharp. Performances were made from Crenshaw High School ((Rahsaan’s alma mater) choir and marching band. Inspirational videos were shown and speeches were given. The new team kit and bikes were unveiled. Also, a limited edition Cannondale bicycle was up for auction, which was hand painted/tagged (?) for the event. VeloNews wrote up a good article of the event, and SocalCycling.com posted photoes of the event on their Flickr page.

Here are a few photos I got of the event before my camera died:


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