…and I’m free.. I’m FREE FALLIN’

We (me, Minh, Michele, Hung, Amanda) finally got around to skydiving at the end of February. The weather held up BEAUTIFULLY. It could not have been a better day to jump out of a plane. So, we all jumped in the car and drove out to Lake Elsinore. All of us were really excited to get going, but there was a lot of waiting around. The place was really crowded, probably due to the fact that most people who wanted to go earlier that month had to reschedule due to weather, and this was basically the first non-rainy weekend in a while.

I have to admit that I wasn’t too scared to be jumping out of a plane at 80 mph (even though I signed my life away multiple times that morning). The scariest part is the plane ride up. It’s long, and you’re just sitting there (not too comfortably) watching the ground get further and further away. The actual jump itself happens so fast that you don’t really have time to get scared. And then you just need to relax, lean back, and let gravity do it’s thing. Oh.. and smile for your camera guy.

alive and smiling on solid ground

In comparison to bungee jumping, I would have to say that bungee jumping is definitely more of a thrill. You get more of that rollercoaster-drop feeling with the bungee jump since you’re starting from a stationary position. With skydiving, you don’t really feel anything except the wind in your face. And then once the parachute opens, it’s just floating and turning (which can be a little nauseating at times). It is, however, a much better view. Honestly, though, I wouldn’t pay to skydive again (not to say I wouldn’t do it again, just wouldn’t pay to do it), but I would pay to go bungee jumping again, somewhere different, and maybe higher up.

Some pictures from the day and the jump:


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