Are you Ready?

UPDATE (3/31/2010): Pictures inserted and gallery added at the end.


One more day until the Ironman 70.3 California.. SO EXCITED!!! Minh, Anni, and I headed down to Oceanside today to check out the Expo and check-in for the race. The bikes were packed up on the car and ready to go.. but Anni wasn’t… So while we waited, Minh did a quick run to 7-11 to pick up some Gatorade. We also read a few articles in Popular Science.. interesting stuff, but perhaps for another time.

We made it down to the Expo around 1030AM or so. They had these neat signs up on the streets for street closures tomorrow. Looks like they probably use the same signs each year, but still very cool. The Expo was good, though lacking on the free samples that I usually find at the marathon expos, but still a lot of very good stuff. I got to try out the roller from Trigger Point. Still not sure if I’m c0nvinced that it will make a huge difference, but it did feel different.

Minh also tried out the Bebop pedal system. They look kind of like Speedplays, but more open and less color. There was a lot of float in the pedals (about 20 deg), which I would hate if I tried them. There were interesting, but I don’t think Minh was completely sold on them.

All the big bike manufacturers were out representing, along with SRAM, Zipp, Zoot, Newtonian Running, Avia, etc etc etc. And… Cannondale was out with the Bahati Foundation graffiti bike that will be up for auction on April 23.  We were able to get closer look at it this time without the crowds and dim lighting.

The best thing at the whole entire expo…. COMPEX! Minh and I have been talking about this thing for WEEKS.. but we were hesitant to actually shell out the money to buy it (around $500 or so) for fear that it will be yet another thing we buy and don’t use (e.g. embroidery machine, gym membership, etc). We were hoping to find a store near us that sold it that would let us try it out before committing to buying it, but we never got around to finding a place that sold it or time to actually go try it out. Well, lucky for us, Compex was out at the expo and giving demos. Minh and I both sat down for an ”Active Recovery” session, which proved to be AMAZING!! It felt weird at first, but you eventually get used to the feeling of the muscle contractions, and it actually starts to feel good towards the end of the session. I can explain further what this whole Compex thing is all about, but again, I’ll save that for another time.

After I checked-in and got all my labels and waivers signed, we went to lunch at Davina’s Cabo Grill. Anni and I got crab enchiladas and Minh had a SUPER lunch with a SUPER burrito and a SUPER Corona. Lunch was good, but not spectacular. After lunch, we headed to check in to the Motel 6 and unpacked a little bit. Then Minh and I went out for a little bike ride.

The plan was to head out from the Motel and figure out the easiest way to get to the transition/spectator area in the morning. Luckily for us, there’s a bike path that goes straight there. Then from the transition area, we were going to ride along the run course just to check it out (very flat.. not bad for a half marathon). I’m very glad we went for this pre-ride, because everything that could possible not work on the bike… did not work. (I took these pictures back at the hotel, but you still get the picture.) For instance..

The cycling computer that Minh installed for the race did not work. More of an annoyance than anything else, because it’s not really a mechanical problem. Minh thinks that it’s out of batteries.. so.. we’ll see if we’re able to swap out the batteries before tomorrow.

And on the way back… I got a flat. And Minh and I discovered that the valve attachment thing that I had did not work. So we wasted perfectly good CO2 cartridge. Bright side.. it is way better that this happened the day before than the day of.

Minh was nice enough to walk by bike back for me. He wouldn’t let me walk my own bike because I was in a bad mood and yelling at him. He’s such a sweetheart for putting up with me. He also took the wheel off and the tube out when we got back to the hotel. The hole in the tube was TINY… like a little pin prick.

tiny hole = massive destruction

At the moment, he’s off trying to get a new valve, a new CO2 cartridge, a new spare tube, bobby pins and deodorant (because I left mine at home), while I lay around and blog. Isn’t he awesome?

On deck for the rest of the night… dinner and making sure everything’s in tip-top shape for tomorrow. Can’t wait!! Hopefully I can get to bed at a decent time tonight. Got an early morning tomorrow.

Oh… and pictures will be posted when I get back… I don’t want to post the super hi-res ones, and I’m too lazy right now to convert them all to a smaller format. Day off on Monday, so I’ll update then.

Update (3/31/2010): Gallery ADDED!! YAY!


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