22 days and counting…

In 22 days, it’s my birthday!!! YAY!! The big TWO SIX.. or something like that. It’s one of those un-important birthdays where nothing really changes (all birthdays up to 18 are MAJOR events, 21 is a BIG ONE, and 25 is the end of yearly parties). After 25, it really doesn’t make sense to have a big to-do unless it’s a milestone year (i.e., a multiple of five).

Last year was fun, celebrating the passing of a quarter of a century. I did it up kid-style, with a bounce house, a piñata (filled with plastic liquor bottles), 2 cakes – icecream cake and Neapolitan cake (Mom always made two cakes at our birthday parties growing up), arts and crafts (giraffe themed), Rock Band, and other fun stuff.

This year, however, I want to avoid the bad things associated with birthday parties at home: cleaning up, your friend’s drunk roommate throwing up in your trashcan, and cleaning up. Here’s a schedule of events for Tran’s 26th Birthday EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!

Friday, May 14 (the actual birthday):
All day – Work (boo!!!)
Dinner – Agora Churrascaria … mmmm…

Saturday, May 15:
8AM – SHARE Poker Ride at Santiago Oaks
1PM – OC BeerFest at Irvine Lake $40 for UNLIMITED BEER!!!
Dinner – somewhere.. nice-ish

Sunday, May 16:
Big Bear Shoot Out #1 (for the win!!! and a chance at invitationals!!)

I’m excited for my birthday weekend, even though it’s three weeks away. Hopefully, people can make it out, join in on the unlimited beer and watch me fall off my mountain bike a few times.


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