The NEW and IMPROVED Training Plan

I haven’t posted much in a while. Mostly because not much has been going on (no races, no special rides), so there really wasn’t much to report. Lately, I’ve just been hanging out, getting some training in here and there, and Minh and I had a fun trip to Seattle for a wedding. However, I thought this would be a good place to post (and discuss) my new and improved training plan.

Since I started training for races (of all types), I had always put together my own training plans based on articles I read and by gauging my overall fitness level. The first resource works pretty well because there are boatloads of people out there with great advice on how (and how not) to train. The second resource isn’t such a good gauge because I often quit before my limits are reached (it would seem after a workout that I always feel like I could have pushed harder). Some other problems with planning my own training schedule was that I always felt it was about quantity rather than quality. I would try to get more miles, rather than quality miles. I would start skipping and falling away from the training plan. I would start to dread running when I actually do like it. I didn’t have any rest days scheduled, and I always felt like there was never enough time to do all the other things I wanted to do. It always seemed like something needed to be sacrificed.

Well.. Minh finally took a good look at my training plan, and gave me some good advice. The new plan focuses more on intervals, “quality” runs, and short workouts during the week, with longer rides/runs during the weekend. It also allows for more free time and time to “crosstrain”.. and by “crosstrain”, I mean yoga, strength building, EMS, massage etc. Here we go (click on it to enlarge):

Overall, if I put hard effort in during the intervals, then I should start improving. Also, masters swimming should help a lot with getting  me faster and more efficient in the water. We’ll see with the through the summer if this is actually helping me improve or if it’s another failed training plan.


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