Happy Birthday to ME!!!

26 years ago, today, I was able to give my mom the BEST (belated) Mother’s Day Present EVER (!!!). What might this spectactacular present be, you might ask? … ME (of course)! And I think the present has only let her down a handful of times (actually, only one time comes to mind…).

Not too much in store for the birthday weekend. Dinner tonight at Agora Churrascaria. SHARE Poker Ride tomorrow morning. Lunch with Scott and Laurie. Dinner and a movie (maybe Robin Hood??) with the family. No plans as of yet for Sunday (probably try to get a long run in).

This morning, I opened my FIRST birthday present from the man who gives the BEST presents in the world!!! Last Christmas, my sister gave me Under Pressure, the fourth cookbook from Thomas Keller, to round out my collection of Thomas Keller cookbooks. We had no intentions to make anything sous vide, especially because an immersion circulator is RIDICULOUSLY expensive.. and that doesn’t even include the water bath. However, it’s nice to look at the cookbook and dream about what could have been. Anyway.. Minh got me this Sous Vide Supreme to use at home!!! And he got me a FoodSaver!! I was going to put this stuff on the registry, whenever we got around to that (as in.. getting married, not putting together a registry.. that’s the easy part), but now.. !!! This makes room for other stuff on the registry. I’m excited to start making things with it. Maybe this is why he’s been pushing to get a new freezer.

In other news.. training has been.. meh. Swimming has been improving since I’ve been really good about getting up to go to Masters Swim Practice three days a week. I can’t tell yet if it’s helping, but I think it will. What I notice the most about it is that other people are CRAZY fast and that my arms are more sore now than when I was swimming on my own before (I guess that’s a good sign).

I’ve decided to start the Best Running Workout You’ve Never Done, which is essentially 30-second intervals at VO2max until you can’t do anymore. I ran my 6-minute time-trial yesterday and got 0.76 mile (which is good for me… 7:52 min/mile!!). I’m hoping that adding these intervals once a week for about 2 months should help improve my speed and hopefully my endurance. I’ll keep you posted with new 6-min time-trials every 4-5 weeks. My starting reference (other than the 6-min time-trial) is the 10 miles I ran on Sunday, which I did in just under 2 hours. That’s pretty pathetic if I want to be competitive (which I do).

And.. Cycling.. well… is cycling. No improvements on this front as of yet, but a bunch of new equipment to try out. First, Minh picked me up new wheels for my road bike: Shimano RS-80. These are replacing my current set which were Mavik Aksium Race wheels. I don’t usually know what the difference is, but there’s a huge weight difference on these. The Mavics were 2lbs 2oz in front and 2lbs 6oz in the rear, compared to the RS-80s which are 1lb 7oz in the front and 1lb 15oz in the rear.  Supposedly, they’re going to get me to go faster and climb better. I don’t really understand how better wheels will do that without any extra effort.. but I also think that knowing that I have better wheels will instill something in my brain to get me to try harder on climbs.

I’ve also got a S/S 29er coming the the mail!!! I wanted to build it up myself (pick out all the parts), but it was too hard (and going to get expensive) to get all the parts individually (especially trying to find a frame for my petite little self). Minh found one that was fully built up that should work pretty well for me.. and I can always convert it to 1-9 if I can’t handle the S/S. The up-side is that I do get to build it up once it comes since it’s being delivered to us for assembly. I’ll post more details and pictures once it gets assembled and I get my first ride on it.

I’ve got tons of pictures to post up, but don’t have them with me at the moment. I’ll get around to posting some galleries later… Specifically of the Long Beach Bike Festival last weekend: Long Beach Grand Prix Men’s Pro 1/2 Race and CycleStyle Fashion Show.. and some other random things along with birthday weekend updates. In the mean time, have fun clicking on links and … keep on keepin’ on.


P.S. Got my new copy of Triathlete Magazine (the swimsuit issue!!)  in the mail yesterday and was able to get a quick scan through before going to bed. WTF is this?!?!?!  I’m not really sure how I feel about this ad campaign from Fi’zi:k , and I don’t even think they make swimsuits. Now I kind of know what Chrissie Wellington looked like when she was riding around Nepal with dysentery.  More comments over at Slowtwitch.com.


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