Under Vacuum

I’m finally getting around to posting about my awesome new kitchen gadget… the SOUS VIDE SUPREME!!!! Minh got me this for my birthday, a little over a week ago. It was exciting to pull it out of the box. It was also exciting to pull the FoodSaver out of the box.

Here they are side-by-side.. after getting rid of all the packaging. We weren’t able to test out the Sous Vide Supreme right away, but we were able to test out the FoodSaver on some salami we had in the fridge.

Last last Sunday, we were finally able to test it out. In the morning, we made some soft-boiled eggs. We figured that it would be an easy experiment to start out with. We put 8 eggs in at 63deg C for 45 minutes.

The eggs turned out probably a little underdone than we are used to, like lightly poached eggs, but they tasted like no eggs I’ve ever had before. They were buttery and creamy without having added anything to them. It was delicious. We’ll need to experiment on some different temperatures and times until we find out what we really like, but this was a good start.

For dinner we made chicken drumsticks that my mom had marinated with garlic, light salt and pepper, and a little bit of sugar.. no oil or butter or any fat (other than what was already in the chicken). We cooked it at 64.5deg C for 2.5 hours. Afterwards, I pulled it out and stuck it under the broiler for 10 minutes to get a nice crispy, golden skin on it. Served with steamed veggies and mushroom risotto.

What was really awesome about cooking sous vide, even though it takes ages to get food done and you really need to plan it, you can set it and not have to think about it. We put the chicken in, ran some errands, and watched Food, Inc. while all before the chicken needed to be pulled out. It was AWESOME! I’m really looking forward to getting more meals out of this thing.

Enjoy the GALLERY…


2 thoughts on “Under Vacuum

  1. So. Incredibly. Jealous. Especially since I went to Ad Hoc and the main course was cooked sous vide! I also have the Ad Hoc book as well!

    • I have the whole Thomas Keller collection (all four books). Maybe I’ll make you something next time you guys are down here. You can pick something out from his recipes.

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