Summer Trail Run Series at Peter’s Canyon #1

Before I go into my review of the summer trail run series at Peter’s Canyon, let me tell you a little bit about my outfit for the race. Recently (two weeks ago), I found out that I won one of the many contests/raffles put over at the Quadrathon blog. I scored a new tech shirt from Ink’n’Burn (located in Lake Forest, CA). Here’s a description of the company from their website (since I can’t explain them better than they can explain themself):

INKnBURN is a direct-to-garment printer specializing in unique designs with proprietary technology that creates one-of-a-kind, full race tech shirts and lounge-around-the-house T-shirts.

INKnBURN recently dedicated itself to specializing in the ultra/endurance world. The company designs, prints and manufactures performance clothing exclusively for trail and ultra runners.

INKnBURN’s unique slogans and designs are heat transferred (BURNED) directly into the fabric, becoming one with the shirt. Unlike silk screening, where paint covers and clogs the fabric, INKnBURN graphics add no weight, attract no heat and don’t wear off before a shirt is retired.

While there will eventually be a multitude of ultra/trail related designs, the offerings grow monthly so check back often.

I was stoked to get my shirt in the mail this week. Unlike other raffles, where there really isn’t a choice in the prize that you get, I was able to pick out which shirt I wanted. I decided on the Run or Die 2010 Tech Tee printed on white. The kind folks over at Ink’n’Burn also sent me matching Run or Die bracelets.

Run or Die T and bracelets from Ink'n'Burn

Since I had a trail run scheduled for this week, I thought that would be the best time to test out the shirt. It’s incredible light (the shirt), unlike some other tech shirts that I’ve worn that feel heavy. Also, the seams are flat, so you aren’t bothered by them (if there are even seams present – I thnk there are only seams around the neckline). The fit was good for a Women’s Small. Other women’s small shirts I have feel tight in some areas and looser in others, or are just confining around the arms and neckline. The Ink’n’Burn shirt moved incredible well while running and had an overall good fit. Also, I could tell that it was wicking away moisture really well. I’m a heavy sweater when I’m working out, but I didn’t feel like the shirt was getting soaked in sweat.

Another plus is the awesome design. I loved the design I picked out, and Ink’n’Burn’s method of printing the shirt doesn’t make the shirt abnormally stiff where the design gets printed. The design area is still loose and free-flowing like the rest of the shirt. Overall, I was pleased with the shirt. It was definitely more comfortable than most of the shirts that I own.

As for the race… I was pleasantly surprised by my time, but also surprised at how PAINFUL the run was. I thought I was recovered from the marathon since I was able to walk without a limp and didn’t feel much pain in my legs on Thursday. I was dead wrong. As soon as I started jogging (during my warm-up), my left hip starting hurting again. So, I made the warm-up brief and spent some time stretching, focusing mostly on my left hip.

stalker photo from Minh

my new friend

pre-race snack.. haven't had one in AGES

pre-race warm up jog

I started the race near the front, even though I knew that I would get passed by a lot of people. Since it was a mass start without timing chips, I didn’t want to waste minutes by starting in the middle or the back. Minh told me later that the last person to start was at least 2 minutes behind me, and that would be two extra minutes on my overall time.

"Oh say can you see..."

off to the hills

I kept a good pace (for me) at the beginning of the race. It was mostly flat for about the first mile, so I kept it under 9 min/mile, and ignored the hip pain while I could. We got to the first incline and I slowed it down to a brisk jog/walk/hike sort of motion. Unlike the OC Chili Winter Trail Run Series at O’Neill, where the first incline was a tight singletrack bottleneck, this first incline was double track, which allowed people to pass if they didn’t want to stop and walk. We ran along the ridge, which was a pretty nice trail with equal amounts of climbing and downhills of all variety of grades. The climbs weren’t too long, so I was able to jog up most of them. There were a few that I had to stop and walk, but mostly because my hip was bothersome.

Then, at about mile 2.5, there’s a long descent which let me pick up some speed. After that, the rest of the course if more or less flat until the Finish. I found that if I kept jogging, even at a slow pace, it was better for my hip than jog/walk intervals. Everytime I would slow down to a walk, my hip pain was significantly more than when I was jogging. So.. I kept up the jogging for the last two miles. I was also motivated by the fact that this 76-year old man caught up with me with about 2 miles left to go, and I just couldn’t let him pass. So, I just stuck with him for about a mile and a half. He was keeping a pretty good pace, about 8:30/mile, or faster. He was also good company to banter with. I have to say that he really motivated me to finish the race with a good time.

This was one fast 76-years-young man!

You can see in this picture how my left ankle comes in a bit when I land.. Bad running form..

When the finish line came into view I had two thoughts.. The first thought was “FINALLY!!!” It wasn’t that I wasn’t having a good time running, but I just wanted the course to be over so that I could stretch out my hip and not be in pain anymore. The second thought was “46 minutes!! That’s AMAZING!” I was really happy with my finish time considering that I was in quite a bit of pain and was shooting for 1 hour.

trying to finish STRONG

My official finish time was 46:47. I finished 150 out of 380 overall finishers, 50 out of 212 females. And since I’m part of the Tri la Vie training program, I’ll give you that stats for that too. I finished 21 out of 102 Tri la Vie members (14 out of 85 Tri la Vie women).

"glistening" like a PIG at the finish

catching my breath and stretching.. like it would help or something.. ??

After the race, my left leg was in excruciating pain. It wasn’t only my hip, but also my knee. I stretched out as much as I could, but eventually I decided to walk it off (sort of), eat dinner, and ice it before bed. Minh sent me a link regarding hip pain from Runner’s Rescue, which pretty much explains what I’m dealing with. It still hurts walking around, so I’m going to lay off the running for a few days and try to ice and stretch it. Hopefully it goes away soon.

post-race "recovery" nutrition: chips, cookies, hamburger, water

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