Running in the MUD!

Last Saturday (June 19), I participated in the 19th Annual SD&E Camp Pendleton MudRun to benefet ASYMCA (that is one long-ass name for an event). The date kind of crept up on us because we had signed up for this event back in January. Originally, the team consisted of Michele (my bestfriend), Hung (her husband), Minh (my one and only), me, and Anni (my sister). As the date neared, the team slowly began to fall apart (well, not really). The final team consisted of me, Michele, Hung, Kelly (replacing Anni), and Savon (replacing Minh) (pronounced like the drugstore – not his real name). This was my first mudrun, and I didn’t really know what to expect (same for Hung and Michele). We were all excited for the day, but a few of us had reservations on whether or not we (they) would survive.

We got up before the sun to get down to Camp Pendleton by 6AM (as suggested by the instructions that I received in the mail). Little did we know that we didn’t need to be there so early, especially because we were standing around for hours before the race even started (at 9AM). That’s ok though, we were able to get our stuff and get settled in and get pictures taken and go to the potty.. all without feeling that rush that you get when you arrive to an event with a little less time than expected.

Numbers on and ready to ROCK!

Snickers Marathon Energy Bar = good

Eventually we made out way over to the starting line. Individuals were heading off first. Teams were starting 20 minutes later.

getting doused with the fire hose

Minh headed off somewhere down the course to take pictures. He found a nice spot by this fire engine and started snapping away until he spotted us. Michele was already tired by this point (she’s not a runner, and suffers from shin splints – a remnant of her high school track days). After the fire truck, we didn’t see Minh until the end, so no pictures of the middle part of the race.

The race was not what I expected at all. I was expecting more obstacles spread out through out the whole course. What we ended up with were two obstacles at the beginning (fire truck to get us soaked and then some mud/water pits to get us a little dirty), which made our socks wet and our shoes full of rocks and mud. Then there’s 3.5 miles of fire-road that we just need to run (hills and flats and descents galore – no shade). It was nice to have the water stations, but this was not an exciting 3.5 miles in the middle of the course. Plus.. We did a lot of walking since we wanted to stay together as a team. It wasn’t until the last two miles that they crammed all the rest of the obstacles together: mud pits, 6-foot walls, more mud pits, lake crossing (at least 5 and a half feet deep – so we had to “swim” it), muddy climbs, more mud pits, and then the “barbed wire” crawl at the finish line. We got good and dirty at the end, but it would have been nice to have those obstacles spread out throughout the whole course, or just cut out the middle 3 miles. I can see why they put them in there though, so spread out the field.


We ended up finishing in just under 2 hours (1 hour and 53 minutes to be exact), which is not an awesome 10k time, but we had fun along the way. I don’t know if I’ll ever convince Michele and Hung to do it again, but at least we all had a good time.


Tips for next time:

  • wear water shoes
  • bring a waterproof disposable camera for pictures along the course
  • wear sunblock
  • bring soap
  • wear tights or a bathing suit underneath

And here’s the gallery. I only picked out 40 or so of my favorite pictures from the hundreds that Minh took that day.


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