Adventures in Sous Vide: Chicken and the Blowtorch

A few weeks ago, Minh and I busted out the SousVide Supreme to make some chicken for dinner. This was a sort of “spur of the moment” sort of meal (that we started in the morning) using whatever we had already in the house. Mom had some chicken leg quarters in the freezer, so that seemed like a good enough protein. Since they were already frozen, it was hard to season. I just threw the chicken in a bag with some salt and pepper and about 8 pats of butter (to ensure the chicken stayed moist).

Frozen chicken leg quarters with butter and S&P.. sealed up and ready for a bath!

Since we knew we’d be out for a while, we didn’t really time the whole process. Just set the bath to 147°F and let it go. Normally, some extra time needs to be added if cooking from frozen (30 minutes or so).

Set the bath to 147°F and headed out on errands

Later that evening, we pulled out the chicken, which was looking rather colorless. It was time to try out my newest kitchen gadget… the BLOWTORCH. We got one from Home Depot that wasn’t too expensive and easy to hold in one hand.

Pre-flame.. looking a little blah..

The blowtorch yields a different result than the broiler. For one, it’s a bit faster, since you don’t need to preheat the oven. For second, the color is not distributed as evenly since you need to steadily torch the entire surface (whereas with the broiler it’s all being heated at once).

Trying this instead of broiling

Fun with the blowtorch!

I think I prefer the results from the broiler better because you get a better crisp. Problem there, though, is that you can easily overcook your meal if you forget about it for even just a couple minutes. Maybe I’ll like the blowtorch method better once I’ve gotten more meals under my belt.

Finished Product!! with a side of quinoa

 I had my chicken with a side of quinoa and veggies (from the frozen section at Trader Joe’s). I’m really starting to like quinoa, but Minh is not a fan. He thinks it’s too crunchy, like he’s eating sesame seeds.

This was a super easy recipe, so I’m not going to post a step-by-step. Just throw some seasoned chicken in the bag. Seal and cook in the bath at 147°F for about 6 hours. Torch or broil for a good finish and ENJOY!

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