july, July, JULY! never seemed so strange…

FIRST NOTE: Gave the blog a new look.. what do you think?

I’ve been really really bad about updating my blog, I know. It’s not so much figuring out what to write, or even actually getting it all typed out.. it’s downloading – sorting – uploading – captioning pictures. If it weren’t for Minh, pictures would never get off the camera.

Anyway.. July has been an odd month for me. It would seem that there was a lot on the calendar, but I don’t like very much happened. July was also very sparse on the race schedule, with just one trail running race (Peter’s Canyon Summer Trail Run Series Race #2 – July 8 ) and one mountain bike race (Over The Hump Series Race #7 – July 27 – starting up again after a three week break). I tried to take this opportunity to get some good base miles in, but probably only managed a few “long”(er) rides, and to hit the gym (had a one-week pass to Los Caballeros). I honestly don’t know where the month went, but now that I’m at the beginning of August, I feel like July has sent internal morale and physical fitness into a downward spiral. Here’s the month in pictures:

July 1: Got these treats in the mail.. put them on the tri bike later in the month.

Zipp, Zipp... HURRAY!!!

July 3: Long road ride from home, up Back Bay towards the Marketplace and back.

Proceed with CAUTION!

Solid ride: 51.62 miles in 3:19

July 4: Hit up Paul’s Coffee Shop for some “Happy Birthday America!” breakfast. Was excited to see that it would be featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives later this month.

Guy was HERE!

Also.. saw this monstrosity on the way to dinner.. this is the result of fireworks at Irvine Regional Park:

Luckily.. no property damaged or people injured

July 5: Had the day off and was supposed to go mountain biking with Minh at Crystal Cove (El Moro). Unfortunately, my forgetful self forgot socks, so that failed. I did, however, remember to bring swimming gear (wetsuit and goggles), so we ended up doing that instead. Well.. I ended up doing that, Minh just sat on the beach listening to music.

July 8: Peter’s Canyon Trail Run Series Race #2 – Was feeling pretty good at this race and cut my race time by a few minutes

Singletrack descent.. why I love trails..

Smilin' on the home stretch to the finish line

Recovery liquids..

July 10: Second attempt at Harding Truck Trail. Made it up much further this time (5 miles), but not all the way to the top. Minh turned around at about 3 miles. Afterwards, took a stroll around the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary.


One of the many "wildlife" at the sanctuary

"Minh, what are you looking at?"

And this was waiting for me at home…


"BRAND NEW" cross bike!

July 24:

Road ride through Santiago Canyon – Minh has decided that I need to work more hills into my training. This was a tough ride, but I managed to get through it. Started at Cedar Grove Park (in Tustin) and rode out just past Cook’s Corner and back. 31.03 miles in 2:12

LA Street Food Fest at the Rose Bowl – For some reason it felt like we spent the whole day here, standing in lines and sampling street food, but it was only a few hours. Was a good experience, but seriously over-crowded and we didn’t have enough time to try everything. Some vendors ran out of food before the end of the night, which just shows poor planning on their part.

ready to stuff our faces with delicious street food


mmm... street food...

.. if I didn't go to college.. what would the future hold??

July 27:

Over the Hump Mountain Bike Race Series, Race #7 – Not a bad ride this week, but still finished behind Elise (actually.. I finished 3rd). I was going strong for most of the race, but she passed me at the top of the last climb, and I knew it was over then. I’m much stronger on the climbs than I am on the single tracks and turns. Once she passed me, I let my guard down and put it on cruise control. Not a good idea.. I didn’t realize that there was a girl (Lauren) close behind me, and she passed me right before the finish.

Was stickin' close to Elise for most of the race

Got passed by Lauren just before the finish

July 30 – August 1:

Spent the weekend in MIAMI (South Beach) for Karen’s Bachelorette Party. It was a lot of fun and super relaxing, but I’ll probably never go back there. Crossing Miami, FL, off my list of places to see and things to do.

View from South Beach (obviously, not of the ocean)

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