Commuting in Style – The Bag

I wish I could say that I did my part for the environment by commuting the seven miles to work by my own power.. but.. I can’t. A little background on why: I tried cycling to work when I first started my job, thinking that it wasn’t too far and that I could get cleaned up when I got here (we have showers on-site). It worked out the first time because Minh rode with me and I stayed pretty alert. The next day, I decided that I could probably do it on my own, since Minh (at the time) didn’t need to be at work as early as I did. That was a mistake.. let’s just say I didn’t make it all the way to work, and was a little bloody and banged up once I arrived (Minh picked me up and dropped me off). I haven’t ridden to work since.

However.. if I did ride my bike to work (which I might decide to try again.. some day.. with caution.. ).. I would definitely need to get my hands on one of these cute bags over at Po Campo:

” Po Campo makes stylish AND functional bike accessories for independent women, made right here in Chicago.”

What I love about these bags is that you would never know it’s functionality if you saw someone walking with it on the street. It just looks like a regular handbag. Po Campo has two types of bags that can attach to your bike rack: the Rack Tote and the Bungee Handbag. They also make a smaller Handlebar Clutch.

Accessories include the Spare Pocket (straps around your ankle or arm to stash spare cash) and cute Reflective Pins (better than those reflective armbands or velcro straps).

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