Swimming: Where to do it?

It’s been three weeks since I’ve gotten in the pool.. probably more actually. I was out for about 2 weeks because of a cold sore that I’ve gotten every summer for as long as I can remember. The third week out of the water was because of the cruise. They had one of those endless pools on the boat, but the one time I decided to go swimming, it wasn’t working (just my luck).

Now I’m back from vacation, and I should be getting up early to hit masters swim, but I’ve just been too tired to get up in the morning. Monday I knew I wouldn’t want to get up, considering it was the first day back from vacation. Wednesday was also a no-go, because my body was aching from the race/crash Tuesday night. My masters’ swim fees are due soon, so now I’m pondering whether to renew for another quarter or do something else (go back to lap swims on my own, make swim practice strictly open water, … )?

Swimming in the pool is nice because you can do drills and work on technique. Open water is nice because you get used to the temperature and conditions of open water swimming. So.. what to do with the rest of the year?? Here’s a bullet list of what each entails:

Option 1: Stick with Coast Masters Swimming

– structured workouts
– I’ve already paid for it, so I’ll be forced to go or else I’d be just wasting my money
– practices focus on drills and technique, but also building speed, with regular feedback from a coach
– need to get up really early for 5:15AM practice before work
– will lose sleep (take naps in the afternoon to make-up for loss sleep?)
– $195 from Sept 10 to Dec 17 (about $65/month with 7 sessions per week – I usually only make 3 per week)
– Minh has to make his own way to work: ride his bike (good exercise for him) or drive (wastes gas)

Option 2: Purchase Lap Swims

– will need to structure my own workouts
– lap swim doesn’t open until 6PM (what to do after work?)
– might not go because lap swim sessions are good for one year
– $36 for 10 sessions

Option 3: Open Water Swim Meet-ups

– no structure to the workouts, just covering distance
– get practice in open water and varying conditions (waves, no waves, water temps)
– lots of regular meet-ups throughout the week
– not good to practice technique or drills
– can’t go when it starts to get dark (??)
– free
– Minh just sits on the beach and does nothing (reads or listens to music)

I’m leaning towards sticking with the masters swimming and getting the open-water practice on the weekends. One thing to consider is Minh. He doesn’t know how to swim. So what is he supposed to do when I go swimming? Most of the times he either stays home (when I’m at the pool) or sits on the beach (when I’m practicing open water). It’s kind of a bum deal for him.

Any thoughts/suggestions?


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