Wishlist: Cake Pops by Bakerella

With Christmas just around the corner (“Seriously? It’s barely September” you might be thinking, but I always find it best to spread out the Christmas shopping so you aren’t spending all your money all at once)… I thought it would be nice to start posting some “Wishlist” items that I think would make good gifts (for me.. or people you know that are like me.. or just for me… hehe). First on the wishlist…

I’ve been reading Bakerella‘s blog for a few months now, and have not yet tried to make one of her adorable cake pops, but love the pictures that she posts on all her projects. To think she just started out with a fun project and a blog, and now she’s exploded into the online dessert phenom with invitations to pre-Emmy parties and guest spots on Martha Stewart.. (dreams DO come true!!). I was really excited when she announced her book was coming out soon AND that she’ll be doing book signings at William-Sonoma stores across the country. THEN.. I got a little bummed out because I won’t be in town the day she’ll be at my local William-Sonoma. Normally I would send Anni as a proxy for me.. but she will be out of town WITH me at the same time.. so.. looks like I won’t be getting a signed copy of her debut book.. unless… unless.. (you know what the “unless” is).

More books on my wishlist can be found on AMAZON.


One thought on “Wishlist: Cake Pops by Bakerella

  1. I really want to get this book too! I’ve attempted to make the cupcake bites before, with some success, but the cake pops have been a disaster.

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