Wishlist: Living Jewelry

I few months ago, I saw a post for these Terrarium Necklaces by Erica Weiner, and I fell in love. I showed them to Minh (who said “Eh.. it’s ok”) and then started googling about how to make them myself. Apparently, you can find the goods to make them (primarily old watchmaker’s vials) all over eBay. I never got around to making one, but I still want one.

Terrarium Necklace by Erica Weiner

Something that has popped up all over the web today is this Real Moss Ring by Cometman X Kokeya. It’s real living moss planted on the top of this wooden ring. Yea.. the ring is huge, but still a really cool concept.

Real Moss Ring by Cometman X Kokeya

Also, on etsy.com, you can find lots of people doing things with plants, but only one seller selling it as jewelry (at least through mu cursory search). toHOLD turns these airplants into brooches to “liven” up any outfit. Super cute.

AirPlant Brooch by toHOLD

Now.. how can I incorporate living plants in my everyday style??


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