Wishlist: Newton Milk and Sugar Set

Besides wanting pretty much EVERYTHING on the Green Grass Designs website, this caught my eye first:

Newton Milk and Sugar Set

It’s a container that holds your milk AND sugar for your coffee or tea. The sugar bowl INSIDE the milk container turns as you’re pouring the milk to prevent the sugar from falling out. How awesome is that?

I actually discovered this product on the NEWLY LAUNCHED Tasteologie site (brought to you by the fine people over at NOTCOT). At first, I thought Tasteologie would be more like Tastespotting (which used to be a NOTCOT site way back a few years ago, but has since broken off to do its own thing), but it’s not.

Tasteologie Round-up Images for LAUNCH DAY!!!

Tastespotting is all about the FOOD and linking you to recipes. Tasteologie is about the gadgets that allow you to create food and the designs that go into food packaging and presentation (some of the 1300+ items already posted today are repeats of old NOTCOT food-related posts). Both are still very interesting concepts, so I’m ecstatic to have a new website to check out every day. I’m thinking a lot of the stuff posted on Tasteologie will end up on the WISHLIST.


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