Wishlist: Land Carpet

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of carpet. I’d rather put a nice area rug over hardwood, laminate, or tile than deal with the vacuuming, steam-cleaning, and stain-removing ordeals that come with installing carpet in your home. However.. I can’t deny the coolness factor having awesome designs around the home, which may lead to an exception to the “No Carpet” rule. Take, for instance, the Land Carpet by Florian Pucher. (NOTE: Upon further website-clicking, I found that the Land Carpet is actually an area rug.. so.. not breaking my “no carpet” rule)

Land Carpet by Florian Pucher

If you’ve ever flown across the countryside (any countryside.. in any country) and had a window seat, you’ve undoubtedly looked out the window at the land below and saw a patchwork of greens and browns, mostly in organized squares or quadralaterals of some sort. Each patch is seperated from the other by a narrow gray strip, possibly with small cars resembling ant trails from 35,000 ft. That’s exactly what Florian Pucher has done with the Land Carpet.

Made from 100% New Zealand wool and prodcued in China by an experienced carpet and rug manufacturer, now you can have the “countryside” of Europe, the Netherlands, Africa, or the USA right there in your very own home. I think this would go great in a kids’ room.

Fly-Over Africa

Fly-Over the Netherlands

Fly-Over Europe

Fly-Over USA


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