Gear: Avia Stoltz

I recently ordered a pair of new Avia Stoltz Running Shoes for trail running. I read reviews online that these are great for trail running, and I was in dire need of retiring my old trail shoes (that were never meant to be running shoes in the first place). Because I couldn’t find these at any local retailers, I ended up purchasing them from FinishLine online…. in chrome silver/firerose pink/yellow glow/black, of course. Took them out to Peters Canyon for a short trail run to test them out. Also, put a pair of Berry Superfeet in them for good measure.

The run felt great. The shoes have great support where I need it, but isn’t too tight or confining like some of the other trail shoes I’ve tried. They’re also super light, probably just a tad heavier than my race shoes, but lighter than my training shoes. The toebox is extra roomy, so I could still wiggle my toes, but not lose stability or support.

Of course there are some “cons” to the shoes. First being the stock laces. The laces are pretty thin and slippery feeling, so I’ve read that they don’t tie that well. To make up for this, they come with one of those spring adjustable cord-pull/lace-lock things  (I dont’ k now what they’re called, but they come on drawstring bags and the like). But, when you tighten them, you’re left with some extra lace length dangling over the top of the shoe, which then needs to be tucked away or tied off somehow. I’ll probably replace the laces with some Yankz! when I get around to it.

The other downside was that even though I love all the room in the toebox, it allows a little too much shifting around on really steep downhills. I think, though, that I can get rid of this problem with some more practice on my downhill running form.

Overall, a great shoe.

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