Pre-Race Report: San Diego Triathlon Classic (EXPO)

I’ve been doing triathlons for about a year now.. and here’s the funny thing… I’ve never actually completed an olympic distance event. My first triathlon ever was the Los Angeles Triathlon last year. I had originally signed up for the olympic distance, but switched to the sprint the day before. And even then, I didn’t do the swim. The second triathlon I had signed up for the Big Rock Triathlon at Lake Perris. I had signed up for the olympic distance, but ended up doing only one lap on the swim (because I thought I was going to DIE) and then did the rest of the race. Since then, it’s been a bunch of sprint distance races and the Ironman 70.3 California in Oceanside. Until this weekend…. heading south for the San Diego Triathlon Classic.


I took off work early on Friday so that we could beat the traffic heading down to San Diego. We had packed everything in the car in the morning so that we could leave straight from work, rather than having to run home first (which is a little out of the way). We were on the road to San Diego by 3:15, and the drive was relatively smooth – took about 2 hours with light traffic around Oceanside/Camp Pendleton.

We went to the Expo first, to make sure that I got all checked-in before they closed at 7pm. I was already hungry, but figured I’d stick it out to get some schwag. Good thing too, becuase they had a wine/beer garden set up (compliments of the sponsors – Barefoot Bubbly and Stone Brewery). They also had cheese and crackers and fruits available to snack on.

Barefoot Bubbly at the Wine/Beer Garden

Free Food/Snacks provided during the Expo

Cheese, Crackers, and Fruit to go with our FREE wine and beer

After the expo, Minh and I were satiated for a little while, so we decided to walk down to the new Moment Cycle Sport store at Liberty Station to enter the raffle. They were going to raffle off a set of Zipp Wheels (404 for the front and 808 for the back) after the awards ceremony on race day. We got a little lost on the way to the store… actually.. we walked right past it and then couldn’t find it for a while. Instead, we took fun pictures in the abandoned/deserted halls. We did eventually find the store (which was closed) and signed up for the raffle.



Liberty Station used to be the Navel Training Center

After the expo and scavenger hunt, we headed to the hotel to check-in. It’s a little bit deceiving to say “we headed to the hotel” since the hotel was right next to the park where the expo and race was going to be. (Note to self: If possible, try to get a hotel RIGHT NEXT TO the race venue. It saves SO MUCH time and energy in the morning and afterwards getting your stuff there and back and getting cleaned up and such). It was a pretty nice place. They only had dbl/dbl rooms left when I booked, so we ended up with a huge bed to throw our junk on. We settled in a little bit and found a place to park the bike before heading out for dinner.

Getting settled in.. this place is more than 2x bigger than the last place we stayed (i.e. cruise)

Parking spot for the bike.. for the night..

I have been craving Five Guys since they opened their FIRST OC LOCATION a couple months ago. Unfortunately, it’s all the way in Anaheim Hills (nowhere close to Fountain Valley) and the one time we were in the area, the line was out the door (and Minh was not about to stand in it). Luckily for me, there was a Five Guys at Liberty Station. I didn’t want to be completely unhealthy, since the race was the next day, so I only ate half of my baby burger and a handful of fries. We also stopped by Trader Joe’s and Vons for pre-race breakfast and water. Then it was back to the hotel for bed.

These potatoes will soon become delicious fries.. Five Guys Fries blows In-n-Out Fries OUT OF THE WATER!!!

Baby Burger with lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mayo, and grilled mushrooms

Race Day Report – coming soon…

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