Wishlist: Easy Tasty Magic by Laura Santtini

If I died and went to food heaven, I would hope that all their food was made with a pinch of something from these gorgeously packaged spices and rubs from Laura Santtini.The collection is aptly titled “Easy Tasty Magic“, and Laura Santtini even wrote a little spell to draw you into the site:

“I have gathered and milled the stars for you; And danced them to your lips;
Eat slowly, lest you should swallow me whole and forget to spit out the pips!”

Alchmemic Larder - a mix of 16 spices and salts - would LOVE to get my hands on this..

With names like “White Mischief”, “Salt of the Earth”, and “Angel Mist and Broken Halos”, it would seem like these salts and spices would add a little bit of magic to any dish. A little dash, and my dishes will be flying off to Neverland!! Buy on line from Sternbergs Organics or Selfridges & Co. I would LOVE to get my hands on the Alchemic Larder – it includes Persian Rose Petals, Carnal Sin, Mediteranean Lavendar, White Mischief, Nutmeg, Devil’s Pen!s Chilli, Grains of Paradise, Saffron, Salt of the Earth, Smoke Paprika, Cocao Nibs, Bitter Orange, Renaissance Stardust, Bay Rose Peppercorns, Furikake, and Sumac. OMG.. think of the possibilities!!!

Salt of the Earth

Gold Leaf - Silver Leaf - this isn't even a spice.. just BLING for your food..

MmmMMMmmm... Umami...

Imagine spraying "Angel Mist" on your food.. magical..


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