A Week of Dinners

Because of our (read “my”) busy schedules (work, training, random fun events during the week, races, etc), it’s often difficult for Minh and I to make dinners at home. Over the last few months, we’ve had some weeks where ALL of our dinners are fastfood or takeout of some sort. It gets pretty tiresome (and expensive, and not necessarily totally healthy). So.. we (read “Minh”) have decided to try to start planning our weekly meals on the weekends (when we have more time) so that we’re not eating out as much. Here is the first week..

Sunday: We got lazy and bought a roasted chicken from Albertson’s.
“Meatless” Monday: Pan seared tilapia and wilted spinach (my gradschool “go-to” meal.. and yes.. I do realize that fish is meat.. but to us Catholics….)
Taco Tuesday: Egg and cheddarwurst tacos
Wednesday: Knife Skills Class at PREP Kitchen Essentials
Thursday: Pepperoni sandwiches and salad
Friday: That’s today.. we’re most likely eating out
Saturday: Probably eating out also..

Egg and Cheddarwurst Tacos.. (sorry about quality.. stupid camera phone)

The makings of a DELICIOUS sandwich: jalapenos, pepperoni, cheese, mushrooms, tomato.. MMMM..

Adding salad makes it "healthy" right?

I think it was a success! Three out of seven days making food at home. That’s a lot better than ZERO out of seven days making food at home. Maybe next week we can hit four or five days making dinner at home. As all the moms out there already know (I’m not a mom, so I’m learning slowly), it’s SOOOO much easier when all the ingredients are on-hand and when you plan ahead.


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