Wishlist: LeMond Revolution Bike Trainer

Earlier this year, I convinced Minh that I needed a trainer. I bought it myself (if I recall correctly), but not after a lot of “arguments” with him on whether or not I’ll actually use it. I’m happy to say that I HAVE used it…. perhaps only 2-3 times, but still used it. The problem was that we got it near the tail end of “winter” and I didn’t need to ride on the trainer anymore (no more rain). That, and it wasn’t convenient (yet another one of those “things” that will be different when we move in together, whenever that is). Anyway, the Blackburn Trakstand Ultra that I have is great.. but you know what would be even better??


High Inertia Technology
Progressive Wind Resistance
Easy On, Easy Off Design – no need for a trainer wheel
More Stable Frame
Fits all road bikes (Shimano/Sram 9 or 10 compatible) and can be adjusted for mountain bikes

There are reviews all over the web right now since many people got to test it out at Interbike (which I did not have the pleasure of attending). From just reading reviews and looking at pictures, all I can say is that I want one, but I can’t justify spending $500 for a new trainer (especially when I already have one) or the extra $350 for the Power Pilot Meter. So for now, I’ll stick to my Blackburn and Spinervals.

One thought on “Wishlist: LeMond Revolution Bike Trainer

  1. That’s a great looking trainer!

    But to hell with the Spinervals, check out the Sufferfest vids (right hand column on my blog) for a real workout!

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