Minh’s Corner: And That’s How Minh “Cs” It

I had my own blog awhile back but I never kept it up regularly and eventually it just died off and has been collecting dust since. Instead of trying to clean it up I decided to set it on fire,  burn it down, and bum it off Tran’s blog instead.

The weather in Orange County has been pretty wild lately. I think it rained more the past week than it did all of last winter (probably isn’t true but it felt like it). Unlike most people that hate the rain, I absolutely LOVE the rain! I love how it smells, I love how everything is clean, and I love the colder temperatures. Would I want to live in Seattle? Probably not, I love the rain because we don’t get enough of it so when we do it’s an “event”.

I built up my Specialized Tricross about a year ago but haven’t put in that many miles on it since I just wasn’t thrill with it… that is until about a month ago. I totally half-ass’d the build the first time around using parts that we had left over from our road bikes (Specialized Allez and Dolce) and some free cx tires and cheap ($25) Tektro Cr720 that I picked up from ebay. Total cost of the build was probably less than $400 (including the frame!). I decided to bring it back to life about a month ago and I have not regretted it. I have logged a ton of miles on the Tricross in the past few weeks. I dropped some cash and picked up a Rotor 42t Q-Ring, red chainring bolts, Specialized Phenom saddle, Vittoria Cross XN Pro, K-Edge Cross Single Chain Catcher, and TRP Euro X canti brakes. The brakes were a day and night difference from the CR720’s. They were WAY easily to adjust and bite just as hard as normal road calipers. The Cross XN Pro tires also rolls super fast on the road and bite the corners on dirt. I couldn’t be happier with the current set up.

On Tuesday evening, it was still drizzling so I decided to take the Tricross down to the beach and back home but ended up having so much fun riding in the rain that I went a little further down the coast. I wanted to keep going but knew I had to turn back before the sunset. I can’t wait for the rain to come back and get in some more wet miles.

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