Wishlist: Succulents and Terrariums

Over the last year or so, I’ve developed a fondness for succulents. I think I’m drawn to their resilience and adaptability. I mean, what other plant can spend over a year exposed to the elements (of my cubicle) with very little TLC and still survive.. thrive even? I’ve deprived my little office plant of sunlight for over a year and have watered it perhaps once every two months.. and it’s still growing strong(ish). Sometimes I can’t wait to move out so that I can plant as many succulents I want all over the place (as Minh will allow). I am especially drawn to the baby toes (Fenestraria rhopalophylla), living rock and split rocks (Genus: Pleiospilos), and string of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus). Sure, the aloes and the cacti and the airplants are cool, but the smooth ones.. those are my favorite.

Lately, I’ve found some great ways to plant/display your collection of succulents. There’s always the traditional way of planting them in the ground or in traditional pots, but I think fun pots and terrariums are the way to go. Here are a few of my favorites so far:

Beastie by succulentLOVE and Jen E ceramics

I love the arrangements and kits from succulentLOVE, but this arrangement takes the cake in the “adorable” department. A collaboration between succulentLOVE and Jen E ceramics, it looks like “beastie” is holding a basket of succulents, just for YOU!

Domsai Terrarium from A+R Store

Now you can build an army of walking succulents with the Domsai Terrariums. The terrarium cover is handblown, making each anthropomorphic planter unique and one-of-a-kind. There are also TONS of awesome goods from A+R online.. or you can visit their newly expanded store on Abbot Kinney Blvd (in Venice, CA). Especially love the terrariums they have in the store (can’t seem to find online).

Female and Male Bust Vases from Floral Art LA

Can you imagine growing a head of “hair” from plants? This vase is reminiscent of the Chia Pets I wanted as a kid, but slightly (ok A WHOLE LOT) classier. I love the endless possibilities that you have with these Female and Male Bust Vases from Floral Art LA.

Armadillo from The Botany Factory

If fun ceramics aren’t your thing, these simple terrariums may be the answer. These bubbly terrariums from The Botany Factory are perfect hanging over your corner table table or sitting on a bookshelf… adding a little life to a seemingly lifeless space.

Cube Aerium from Flora Grubb Gardens

If you’re more of a square (kind of person), then the Cube Aeriums from Flora Grubb Gardens may be more your thing. Three or four of these would look great as a centerpiece, bunched together with a couple tealight candles.

Vertical Garden from Flora Grubb Gardens

Also from Flora Grubb Gardens is this AMAZING DIY Vertical Garden Kit to spruce up the side of your house or yard. This one is absolutely my FAVORITE of all these.

The internet is CHOCK FULL of other great plants, arrangements, and terrariums.. for sale or just ideas for you to try at home. One of the best online resources is Etsy, where you can buy all sorts of succulents and terrariums for your new living collection.


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