Go Fit: Weebles Wobble.. but they DON’T…

To help with my impending “off season” training (and with training in general), Minh got me one VERY COOL thing and one marginally cool thing.

Thing #1: The VERY COOL Thing – Core Wobble and Balance Board

Apparently (and it’s not really a surprise to me), I have very poor balance. I’ve been looking at getting a balance board for a while, but most times when I make mental notes like that, I just forget about it. I tried it out for about 15 minutes when I first opened it, and could already see some improvement in that short amount of time (actually being able to balance for a few seconds). The plan is to use this daily to help work on balance and core stability. Then, hopefully, it will help with my balance and stability on the bike and help with ankle stability during running. Plus.. I’m hoping it will help get me some nice toned abs.

Thing #2: Pro-Gym in a Bag

This is supposed to be super helpful for traveling around with (either actual traveling or just going back and forth from Minh’s house). It doesn’t take up TONS of space like a home gym does, and I can do equivalent workouts to using machines at the gym.. so no need for a gym membership. Watched some of the videos and did some trial exercises. It’s a much different feeling from free weights since the resistance changes the tighter the cord is pulled. Also.. it brought to light how TOTALLY WEAK my arms are.

More cool workout products from Go Fit are available online.

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