Mile-by-Mile: Crystal Cove

Sunday I had to get in a long run. Minh said to put in the effort, since the race is two weeks away. The plan was to do the 10-mile loop around Back Bay + some to get a full 13 miles in. But, when I got up on Sunday (after laying in bed for a couple hours), I decided that the day was too nice to spend running around Back Bay (which is nice, but can be boring at times). I decided instead to do a trail run through Crystal Cove. Trails were pretty nice after the rain, and I knew I would get a good workout with the hills. I ended up doing just shy of 11 miles in 2 hours and 30 minutes (ish). Slow.. but mostly because I stopped every mile to take a picture and I took a break at the ranger station around mile 5. Here’s my run, mile-by-mile…

Mile 0: Start at Ridgeview Park Entrance

Mile 1: Just hopped into Crystal Cove State Park for an "easy" downhill to the Ranger Station

Mile 2: A little bit of single track to keep me on my toes..

Mile 3: Beautiful skies and bits of grass growing from the recent week of rain

Mile 4: Breathtaking view of the ocean on the final downhill before hitting the Ranger Station

Mile 5: A new(ish) bridge and some construction for the new parking lot and picnic area

Mile 6: At the base of "I Think I Can"... will I make it up?

Mile 7: Almost at the top of "I Think I Can"... soo tired...

Mile 8: A nice steady descent after the "big climb"

Mile 9: Rolling hills all the way back to the car

Mile 10: Last bit of single track to finish up the run.. And we're in the HOME STRETCH!

FINISH: And we're DONE!!!

It just so happens that Crystal Cove is actually A LOT more interesting than my pictures show. But.. the interesting parts didn’t exactly line-up with my mile-marks. Oh wells… better pictures next time.

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