Riding the Road to Silverman

With the BIG RACE less than two weeks away, I feel probably equally as prepared as I did for Ironman 70.3 California (Oceanside), which is not necessarily a good thing, but makes me confident that I’ll survive the race. I should be tapering, but we all know that “tapering” isn’t really necessary for me. Tapering would be necessary if I ever followed the basic training cycle (Base, Build, Peak, Taper, Race), but if you’ve been reading my training posts at all, you would know that I’m not. Suffice to say that I am not “tapering”.. I’m “maintaining”.

Last Sunday, Minh had me do Hill Repeats on the bike in preparation for the hills that will be waiting for me in Henderson. There’s a nice hill out at Fairview Park that we used. It’s about 1/3-mile long, and a good grade (I couldn’t really tell you what it is right now, but it was good for repeats). Went up and down that 13 times before my legs refused to do anymore.

GOING UP: just keep spinning... don't lose momentum...

GOING DOWN: Not a long enough hill for proper downhill recovery...

and back UP AGAIN.. and again.. and again..

Saturday, we were supposed to do two loops through Santiago Canyon, but it was raining. Rather than scrap the ride altogether, we took the cross bikes out for a long-ish ride. Headed through Huntington Beach to Sunset Beach. Stopped at the Secret Spot for a breakfast burrito. Headed up to Belmont Shore (Long Beach). Slow ride through 2nd street (with sharrows!!). Turned back to head home, then realized we didn’t get enough miles in, so did another small loop around Huntington Beach. Overall it was a good ride, though we were getting pretty tired towards the end.

Took the cross bikes out for a rainy spin...

Stopped for breakfast burrito at the Secret Spot

Pretty good soyrizo in this almost vegetarian breakfast burrito (with eggs)

This upcoming weekend (weather permitting) the plan is to do the two loops through the canyon that we had originally planned for this past weekend. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

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