One More Week

One week away from the Silverman Triathlon and GETTING EXCITED!!!! For the final full weekend of training, I got it a “long” (in time, not in distance) run and a hill-y bike ride. The original schedule (as it always is) was to ride on Saturday and run on Sunday (while Minh went into work). But, since the forecast called for rain on Saturday, we swapped days – ran on Saturday while Minh went into work and ride on Sunday.

Even though the weather cleared up rather nicely Saturday morning, I still opted to run indoors on the treadmill than outside. I just didn’t feel like going outside, and even though I don’t really like running on the treadmill (the pace always feels different than on the road), I really didn’t want to leave the house. So.. I toasted a mango coconut scone from Blackmarket Bakery and got ready for a nice long-ish jog on the treadmill.

Popped in one of my favorite movies, the Royal Tenenbaums, and started jogging. I kept the pace fairly easy since I didn’t want to push too hard so close to the race.. but I stayed on during the entire movie. Afterwards, I cleaned up, made myself pizza for lunch, and attempted my first sewing project in a LONG LONG time. More on that later.

Sunday’s ride was nice. We (meaning Minh) packed up the bikes and we headed up a little past the Marketplace to start the ride. We were doing a 30+ mile hill-y loop that would take us through Santiago Canyon. The weather was great for this – not too hot and a little breezy – and the ride was pretty good. The hills were hard, but not as bad as they were a few months ago. We were originally going to do two loops, but needed the rest of the day to do other Sunday thing, so we did one loop plus a little extra heading up Jamboree to Chapman and back to the car. It all added up to about 42 miles of good hills. Should be good prep for the hills awaiting me in Henderson.

Beautiful day for a ride through the Canyon.. (that's Minh)

Cruising along Irvine Blvd...

I’m supposed to take it easy this week leading up to the race. I’ll probably go for a couple swim session and some light jogs and easy spins during the week. I’m feeling pretty good about my level of preparation, but I’m also not really sure what to expect in terms of weather conditions or course conditions – hot or cold, winds, potholes, etc. Should be a good time though, either way.

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