Contest: Happy Haulidays from Chronical Books

Question: If you had $500 dollars to spend at Chronical Books (one of my FAVORITE publishing houses), what would you get?

Now’s your chance to win my picks listed below during Chronical Book’s Happy Haulidays contest. One lucky blogger (hopefully me) will win their own “haul” of books up to $500 and one lucky commenter on that blog (hopefully one of you) will win the same “haul”. It’s a bit of a complicated contest, but the winning blog will be chosen at random, as will the winning commenter. You can check out a list of all bloggers participating here.

So.. what would I get? (in no particular order)

The Exquisite Book – $29.95
I Love Macaroons – $14.95
Farm Together Now – $27.50
Chicken and Egg – $24.95
From Seed to Skillet – $30
Flour – $35
Lobel’s Meat Bible – $40
Blackbird Bakery Gluten-Free – $35
Tartine – $35
Whoopie Pies – $16.95
All Cakes Considered – $24.95
Field Guide to Candy – $15.95
Tartine Bread – $40
Paper + Craft – $19.95
Little Book of Letterpress – $24.95
The Sock Monkey and Friends Kit – $17.99
Paper Doll Parade Notecards – $14.95
Animal Greetings Mix & Match Stationery – $8.95
Animal Parade Notecards – $12.95
Masha & Friends Notecards – $12.95
Old School Letter Set – $15.95

Be sure to leave a comment if you’d like to try to win my list of books. If you’d like to enter your own list into the contest, just post a list on your own blog and submit it to the contest website. All entries due by December 10, and winners will be announced on December 13!

28 thoughts on “Contest: Happy Haulidays from Chronical Books

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  2. Girl! You and I have both picked some awesome books from Chronicle! I am so wanting to win this giveaway, ya know? Eek!! lol
    Peace & Love,
    craft4therapy (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. This is the YouTube video about the book FROM SEED TO SKILLET
    I want to win this book too.
    Jimmy Williams recently had a book signing at AMMO restaurant where his
    recipe’s were served. Sweee!
    Good luck to us. You can also comment on my blog at for a chance to win.

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