Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving kicks off one of my FAVORITE times of the year… the HOLIDAYS! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! Not only because of the beautiful decorations all over the place and the 24/7 Christmas music, but because it’s the time for homemade baked goods and large, elaborate family-dinners and work potlucks. I love trying out new recipes, baking cookies as gifts, wrapping presents, etc. etc… I’ve already put in the works long projects that will be ready for NEXT YEAR.. but before I get carried away.. let’s reflect on Thanksgiving and all the things I’m grateful for this year….

I’m grateful for….

  • my job (even though sometimes it would seem that I’m not that grateful for it).
  • my health, which allows me to do the things I love: run, bike, and race.
  • my loving and supportive family… both nuclear and extended.
  • my friends… whom I get along with even though we don’t have that much in common and who still talk to me even though I’m the WORST at keeping in touch.
  • Minh.. who is behind me 100% and always has my back and loves me and usually knows what’s best for me and often times is the voice of reason in our relationship (but not always).
  • Southern California weather.. which allows me to go for an openwater swim on Christmas Day (if I were so inclined).

Those are in no particular order, but pretty much sum up all the great things in my life. Then there are the things that I’m not so grateful for that I wish I could change… for instance..

  • my massive amounts of clothes that I can never seem to part with
  • only 24-hours in a day
  • my laziness when I really need to work out or get something done
  • my addictive tendencies when it comes to the internet, video games and TV
  • my propensity to yell at Minh

Hey.. we can’t all be perfect, right?

I’ll be posting up pictures of my Thanksgiving FEAST (!!!) later this week. Have a HAPPY 4-DAY SHOPPING WEEKEND!!!

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