December 1 – Blackstar Canyon

December is upon us!!! ALREADY?!?!?!?

Sometimes I feel like days and weeks move so slowly in the moment, but then out of nowhere months past and we’re at the end of the year… CRAZINESS!

After Friday’s adventure in the mountains, Minh and I headed out yesterday for a nice night ride up Blackstar Canyon (gate-to-gate). It was cold, and got dark fast (as the days are in December). Minh was having a hard time since his legs had not yet fully recovered from Friday’s ride. He ended up having to walk a lot. I took this opportunity to do some sprint and out of the saddle hill “intervals”… stopping occasionally to let him catch up. For a while, I thought we should turn back because he was huffing and puffing and I though he was going to throw-up.. but he stuck it out and we made it to the top.

Made it to the GATE!!!

View from the TOP.. much better in person..

And here's MINH!!!

On the way down, we took it a little easier since it was dark. Even though we were going slower, the darkness actually made me a little bit braver going over rocks and crevices and such. I think it was because I could only see where I was going and couldn’t see all the other things around, so I was a bit more focused. It actually made me think that riding in the dark would actually help improve my (lack of) technical skills because of the added focus.

This nice bit of TRASH was waiting for us at the car... :-/

It was definitely COLD, but the ride was well worth it in the end. We were out for a while because we had to stop a lot, but I still got a good workout.

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