2010: The Year in Review

Can you believe it’s been a year since I started this blog?? Sometimes I feel like days and weeks last forever, but time really does move fast. So.. was 2010 all I hoped it would be? Yes and no.. here’s my year in review.

Some words to live by...

Swim… Bike… Run… and now let’s RACE!

All in all, I’ve participated in 32 races this year… THIRTY-TWO RACES!!!! 2 marathons, 1 road bike race, 8 trail runs (as part of three different series). 12 mountain bike races (including one series), 1 off-road triathlon, 3 sprint triathlons, 2 Olympic distance triathlons, 1 mudrun, and 2 half-iron distance triathlons. CRAZINESS!!!


Getting fitted to my tri-bike:

Finished my first MARATHON: Surf City Marathon – Huntington Beach, CA

Went biking in the rain for the first time (and my first road race): Bulldog Bike Race – Camp Pendleton, CA

Actually FINISHED an Olympic distance triathlon: San Diego Triathlon Classic – Liberty Station, San Diego, CA

And the BIG accomplishment for the year in fitness… finishing my first HALF-IRON DISTANCE TRIATHLON: Ironman 70.3 California – Oceanside, CA

Travels: On the road again…

Minh and I went on quite a few trips this year. Let’s see…

Got some culture in SALT LAKE CITY at the Sundance Film Festival

Headed to SEATTLE for a wedding

Cruised to ALASKA

Flew to the DC area for another wedding

And a few shorter trips for races.. like weekends in:


San Diego

Lake Perris

Las Vegas/Henderson

Did I really not take my yearly trip to San Francisco this year? Sorry Angie!!! I’ll make it up to you!


2010 was a big year for me in terms of racing. It was my first full year of racing, and I did fairly well.. but I know I could have done SO MUCH better if I stopped making excuses, started focussing on my training, made my workouts more quality, and just dedicated more time to improving my technique/form, speed, etc. I’m hoping that I can regain some focus for 2011, but my “off-season” is already not panning out as I had planned. So much time has already been wasted that should have been spent building up my base for 2011… and now all that time is lost. But.. it’s not too late yet.

2010 was good, but 2011 will be GREAT!!!


Image by Christophe Neimann



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