Wishlist: Food of the Month Clubs

With the Christmas season officially over last week (Christmas season ends with the Feast of the Epiphany in which three wise magician kings travel from “the East” to bring presents of gold, frankincense shampooo, and myrrh/Nintendo DS to the newborn Baby Jesus in Bethlehem – if you didn’t get the reference, you need to go watch some Top Gear). Anyway.. lucky me.. I have a birthday that falls about mid-year.. so plenty of time to round up my wishlist of birthday presents… and since I didn’t get anything I had posted, but got awesome presents nonetheless (and really.. that’s not what Christmas is all about.. though I wouldn’t turn presents away), all my old wishlist posts still apply…..

First things added to the wonderfulness….. here are some {Food} of the Month Clubs that would make great gifts for that food-lover in your life… like me, or you, or someone else special… like ME! ::wink wink:: To be honest.. I’ve always wanted to join a {Food} of the Month club, but could never bring myself to commit to it.. just like magazines.

Tell Tale Preserve Society

This one’s #1 on my {Food} of the Month Clubs I would like to benefit from (or join).

Based out of San Francisco, the Tell Tale Preserve Company is all about trial and error and sharing their victories with the world. Scheduled to open at 33 Maiden Lane (off Union Square) in Spring 2011, for now you can become part of their “secret society” of food lovers by ordering their monthly Society Bag. For the SF locals, you can pick up at the Ferry Building on Tuesdays between 8:00AM to 2:00PM, or if you’re not one of the lucky ones living in the Bay Area, it can be shipped to anywhere in the world (for a price).

Click here to buy: Tell Tale Preserve Society

Foodzie Tasting Box

I can’t remember how I first found Foodzie.. It must have been from Tastespotting or Tasteologie. In any case, what’s great about Foodzie is that the goods (which you can buy individiually or the monthly subscription) come from ALL OVER the place. It’s like etsy, but for food instead of creative arts and crafts. Each month you’re surprised with picks from all sorts of types of food connoiseurs… baked goods, jams, preserves, candies, salty snacks, you name it.. they’ve got tons of great food to spice up your next party or gift to your favorite hostess. I could browse their website for hours.

Click here to buy: Foodzie Tasting Box

Anchor’s Chip of the Month Club

As much as I love chocolate and sweets, I also love chips. I know their bad for you and all that “healthy, mumbo-jumbo” that I sometimes spew … but who can resist the delicious delicate nature of perfectly seasoned potato chips? Seriously, I used to open up a bag of chips (one of those big bags for Superbowl parties, not those little snack-sized ones you put in kids’ lunchboxes) while watching TV or reading or surfing the web… and before I knew it, the bag was nearly empty.. CRAZINESS!! I’ve since learned to regulate my chip-eating by pouring it out into a napkin or small bowl and regulating it that way.. but still.. good chips are addictive.. which makes Anchor’s Chip of the Month Club almost too good to be true (or to resist)…

Click here to buy: Anchor’s Chip of the Month Club

Stonewall Kitchen Specialty Food Club

I didn’t even know Stonewall Kitchen had a subscription club. That makes this company even MORE AWESOME!! I love the mixes and jams from Stonewall Kitchen, which I discovered when I was in college at CalPoly Pomona. Their jams and baking mixes are so good.. and although you can find Stonewall Kitchen at most of your local (big chain) supermarkets and food-specialty stores, how great would it be to get it in the mail?

Click here to buy: Stonewall Kitchen Specialty Food Club

Lake Champlain Chocolate of the Month Club

Anni and I visited the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory when we were in Vermont for a wedding over Labor Day 2009. The factory wasn’t in production that day (because it was a holiday weekend), but we still got to see the factory floor and taste the chocolates. While they aren’t the best chocolates in the world, they’re pretty damn good. Like Stonewall Kitchen, you can buy Lake Champlain Chocolates at most local (big chain) grocery stores… but opening a package of chocolate once a month would be like Christmas all year round.

Click here to buy: Lake Champlain Choclate of the Month Club

More from Amazing Clubs

You can probably do a Google search and come up with all sorts of “food of the month” clubs…. or you can head over to Amazing Clubs for more monthly food/gift subscription wonderfulness.

Happy Eating.. and buying.. and of course.. eating what you’ve bought!

NOTE: I did not benefit from any of the above mentioned companies for mentioning them on my blog.. although anything they’d like to send me will not be turned away. 🙂

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