Back to Running?

Yesterday I ran for the first time in weeks… on the treadmill.

From ImageEnvision by DJArt

The act of running felt AWESOME. I was so happy to be running.. until.. until… my leg started hurting like no other and my running form felt like I was limping to compensate. So.. I got maybe 1.5 miles in at a very slow pace on the treadmill and stopped. Continued with the rest of my workout (weights mostly), stretched.. and went home to ice. I’ll try again in a few days.. maybe some short trail running for the softer terrain and a change of scenery. I can only hope that running outside will feel a little bit better.

I can say, however, that I’m extremely proud of my workouts this week. Swam two days this week, including a 700m time-trial in the pool which I did in under 15 minutes (which was my goal). And weights two days this week.. focusing on building up lower leg strength and attempting assisted pull-ups (which I did at least 10 in a row yesterday.. but heavily assisted).

This weekend Minh and I are planning 4 laps of Fullerton Loop on Saturday (to get time in the saddle, but with an easy course) and I’ll probably get back on the WobbleBoard for some more stability practice and lower leg strength building. I still have a couple more weeks of gym membership, so really trying to milk it for all I can. Maybe hit the pool Saturday afternoon for another session.

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