How do you say “MXYPLYZYK”?


Say it with me… “mix-ee-pliz-ik“.. and I cannot believe I am only now finding out about this place. Here’s just a handful (ok.. two handfuls) of “too cute” findings from this online store..

The Greens (MY FAVORITE!)

Totem Cups

Nesting BowlsBalloona Stool

George Nelson Sunburst Clock

Glass Water Bottles

Zzzoolights - giraffe and hedgehog (not shown) are the best

Leather Piggy Bank

Happy Shopping!

One thought on “How do you say “MXYPLYZYK”?

  1. We have that clock, but our friends gifted it to us and I’m not sure where it’s from. Maybe this place in Fullerton called Otto. I love it Those glass water bottles are pretty cool too.

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