I originally wanted to make this to bring to work for Valentine’s Day:

Red Velvet Cake Ball Cake (via Bakerella)

But.. my cake skills aren’t exactly up to par, so what I ended up with was this:

Chocolate Cake with Red Velvet Cake Balls

Side View - so you can see the chocolate candy cups

I will say though, it turned out pretty nice. It’s a two-layer chocolate cake (recipe adapted from A Chef’s Kitchen), with a simple whipped cream frosting (tinted pink), decorated with some red velvet cake balls (adapted from Bakerella). All from SCRATCH (no box cake mixes or premade frosting here!… although I didn’t go milk a cow or mill my own flour, this is as close to perfectly from scratch as it gets for a “city” girl).  It was my first time making cake balls, and it was harder than I had expected (the candy coating part, not the forming part). I think if I ever try it again, I’ll make the cake pops.. in my head, that seems easier and will likely produce prettier results. Recipes to follow later this week….


One thought on “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!

  1. I’ve made Bakerella’s cake balls several times and they never turn out looking great. Sure, they taste great, but I just can’t get them right. Yours look way better than mine. And yeah, they’re super time-consuming.

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