Downtown Anaheim Art Crawl Experience

On Saturday night, Minh and I headed to Downtown Anaheim to check out the First Quarterly Art Crawl Experience. Having not spent very much time in Anaheim, I thought it’d be a nice way to see something new in Orange County. It was fun, though I wish there was more daylight so we could take more (and better) pictures. Pretty much all the art galleries in the area participated in the Art Crawl, which was fun. Lots of them had snacks and drinks available for patrons. The Promenade was open for a small craft fair. “Food Truck Alley” was set up in the Disney Ice parking lot. And everything is located pretty close together, so there isn’t miles of walking.. PLUS you get a nice little map to tell you where all the galleries and outdoor art displays are.

Downtown Anaheim Art Crawl Experience

My favorite was the Muzeo. Only one building was open, but it was the same building that had an exhibit on the History of Anaheim and some 100+ photographs from Anaheim photographers world travels (I didn’t care too much for the photographs since there really wasn’t any overlying theme to the exhibit.. A part of me thinks it would have been better if they were pictures of Anaheim). Look at these cool “artifacts” from Disneyland:

A pop-up map and a puppet from the Pinnochio Ride

Close-up of Pop-up Disneyland Map

Disneyland Ride Tickets

There was actually a lot of interesting information crammed into the exhibit about Anaheim and the first settlers. I would recommend it for someone who wants to know a little bit of the history of Orange County. Since we came in, we got a coupon for buy one get one free admission to the Muzeo. We’ll be coming back to check out the “GOLD” exhibit.

Paper wrappers that were used to package oranges

A rusted old Bird's Head Derringer

The map for the A.C.E. showed all the outdoor works of art that are part of Anaheim’s Art in Public Places Project. We didn’t get shots of all of them, but we’ll probably come back in the summer to get some better pictures.

Anaheim "A" Benches

Fountain at the Veteran's Monument and Plaza

Another view of “Birdhouses”

The Downtown Anaheim Art Crawl Experience is supposed to take place quarterly, with the next event on Saturday, May 14. I think it was a very successful first run, since there were easily hundreds of people out walking around, enjoying music and food, perusing crafty goods, and admiring artwork.

205 Center Street Promenade
Anaheim, CA  92805

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