Ok.. I haven’t been updating my blog lately because I’ve ACTUALLY been SWAMPED at work and super BUSY at home with my BFF’s baby shower this weekend. I have a few blog posts brewing in my head with regard to training and my first race of the year and some other random thoughts.. but I just HAD TO share this:

At first, that just looks like a martini glass full of icecream, right? Well.. in a way it is.. but what is the icecream made from??

Someone must following me around, because I had just had this AMAZING IDEA about a month ago to make icecream from breastmilk and wondering whether or not it would taste good (or too weird?). Too bad this is WAY far away and is super EXPENSIVE.. but it’s definitely innovation on icecream. Now.. I will definitely be trying to make  my own whenever I have kids.

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