Around OC: Stanley Ranch Museum

If you head north on Euclid Avenue through Garden Grove, just before you hit Chapman, there’s a little parking lot off to the right with a sign for the Stanley Ranch Museum. Thousands of people drive by this place everyday, and very few probably know what it is. I was one of those people. Minh and I always said that we should make a point to check it out, but we never had time to get around to it. Also, the Museum is only open for tours on the first and third Sunday of the month.. Luckily for us, we did come upon a Sunday where we had no plans and decided to check it out. I didn’t have huge expectations for the tour, mostly because I thought it would be a lot like the Irvine Ranch Historic Park (post forthcoming), which has a lot of buildings that aren’t restored and you can’t go inside them. But the Stanley Ranch Museum, nestled on Strawberry Lane and home to the Garden Grove Historical Society, was different.. and is definitely worth an afternoon trip.

Tours of the Stanley Ranch Museum are conducted on the first and third Sunday of the month at 1:30PM. The suggested donation for the tour is $5 per person, which is well worth the few hours that you’ll spent learning about the history of the area. If you have some time before the tour, I would suggest taking a trip to the Farmers’ Market, which is held on Main Street every Sunday from 9AM to 2PM. Grab some lunch and pick up some non-perishable goods (or perishable goods if you happen to have a cooler with ice in your car) to make for a truly “local” Sunday.