27 Years… and counting…

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes… and THANK YOU MINH!!! for a wonderful day… as always.

The day started with a road ride in the cool, drizzly morning. We were heading out to Seal Beach in search of OC’s Best New York style pizza (by the slice). The ride was great since we timed it just right to get mostly a tailwind for the majority of the ride.

Seal Beach Pier

Meet Slick.. the Seal Beach "seal" (actually a sea lion)

Red Car "Museum" (not open) in Seal Beach

Coffee break! (look at those cute mini cinnamon rolls!)

Poor man's "lock" = intertwining our helmet straps (forgot the real lock at home)

Lunch at Slice of New York Pizza

On the ride back, we noticed tents set-up at the Huntington Beach Pier and stopped to see what was going on. Ends up that this weekend is the Annual Duck-a-Thon at the pier. We didn’t stay to watch the ducks get released, but I’m sure it was quite the site.

Little duckies ready for a swim...

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing, watching TV, and an early-ish dinner with friends. Overall, very low key, but a very good birthday. Here’s to hoping that rest of my birthdays are just as enjoyable.

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