It’s about TIME!

… for a few things. First.. it’s about time I put a post up on my blog. I know it’s been a while. A lot has been going on, which means there’s a lot to blog about, but also not a lot of time to do it. I’m hoping to get more time after I get back from Lake Tahoe/Yosemite to post some race reports and other news.

Second.. it’s about time someone popped a certain question! That’s right! Minh FINALLY proposed.. and I said YES.. of course! Here’s a little video I made about how it all went down..

Background: We just got the keys to his house on Monday (June 13). We stopped by the house in the evening to check out the condition and take some measurements.

I realize that that was a totally cheesy video.. but the awkwardness is actually pretty close to what actually happened (except with more laughing and movement and hugging and props like the tape measure, the plaque, and the ring). Here’s what the plaque said:

Home of Minh V Nguyen and Namtran C Nguyen

Located at 1XXX0 — Circle in Fountain Valley, California
this 1,770 sq ft home was constructed in 1964.
Renovations began in June of 2011 when the
newly engaged couple made it their home.

Coordinates: xx N, XX W

Isn’t this exciting?!?!?! I’m ENGAGED!! I’m getting married!! We haven’t set a date yet or talked about many details.. we’ve been so busy just trying to move Minh’s stuff into his house and get things put away. It’s still a mess and we have TONS of work to do, but I know that the rest of this year and the rest of our lives will be amazing… because we’ll be spending it TOGETHER!

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