I recently had an allergy test conducted, for curiosity’s sake. If anyone out there is thinking about getting one done, I would NOT RECOMMEND doing it. You find out that you’re mildly allergic to all sorts of things that you never would have considered before.. for me, it’s BEANS (kidney, lima, pinto, string, etc etc), DAIRY (not surprising for an Asian), and Wheat (only a slight allergy, but not full-blown Celiac’s). The naturopathic doctor recommended that I cut these foods out COMPLETELY from my diet. Is he CRAZY? Does he not realize that all I eat is pasta, cheese, and string beans?? (Ok.. maybe that’s not ALL I eat, but it’s a good part of my diet).

The nutritionist was a little bit more reasonable. She suggested that I experiment a little bit by cutting out each of the three things for one week and see if it makes any difference. A quick note.. these aren’t full-blown crazy allergies where I’ll break out into hives or go into shock. These are just mild food allergies that may cause discomfort (bloating, indigestion, etc). It might be an explanation as to my occasional acid reflux, excessing gas (burping, mostly), and horribly indigestion every so often.

The first thing to eliminate is dairy. So.. starting today, I will not have dairy for ONE WEEK. Here’s to hoping I survive a week of no cheese, yogurt, icecream, milk, or cheese. ::le sigh::


2 thoughts on “Allergies

  1. I did the allergy testing some years back, 50 jabs in the arm in one day! Cats, Kentucky Blue Grass and dust…had to stop eating them straight away!

  2. I’m scared to do this for exactly that reason. I love dairy and bread. I wouldn’t survive without it. Good luck with this week.

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