On the Trails – Peters Canyon

The team has been arranging Wednesday night rides throughout the summer. I like going because (1) they’re easy enough and (2) it gets me out on the trails. I also like it because it introduces us to all sorts of different mountain biking trails around Orange County. The trails are usually beginner to intermediate, and are taken at a nice social pace. Unfortunately, “beginner” and “social” doesn’t always translate to “crash-free”. Take, for instance, the Peters Canyon Ride we did last night…

Mandatory Pre-Ride Group Picture

Peters Canyon is one of the EASIEST mountain bike rides around here. It’s not too technical and has some nice climbing. It’s actually a great place to learn how to mountain bike if you’ve never been on the trails before. For me, though, Peters Canyon is like my nemesis. I’ve ridden more difficult trails with steeper climbs and more technical descents, but for some reason, I ALWAYS crash at Peters Canyon. Last night was no exception…

Doesn’t show up too well in the pictures, but I’m pretty dirty and a little banged up… I washed out on a steep little downhill section that used to be littered with rain ruts, which were recently covered with “nice” loose sand. I’m not sure exactly what happened… all I know is that I tried to correct myself from losing control, and ended up over-correcting and completely wiping out. Slid quite a few feet down the trail and ended up covered in sand. Plus two “little” scrapes (one on the elbow and one on the knee) to add to my collection. I’m just happy this happened on Wednesday, and not before we had our e-session. šŸ™‚

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