Puppy Love

Look who joined the family:

This is Sprocket. Minh and I adopted her from the OC Animal Shelter on Saturday and brought her home on Wednesday. She’s a 7-month old pitbull mix (mixed with what, we don’t know).

So far she’s been good, but a little lonely.. especially because Minh and I have to work all day. We’ve been keeping her in a crate while we’re not there until she gets more used to us and the house.. but she’s strong and clever.

On Wednesday, we left her in her crate for a few hours to go take family pictures at church.. and she BROKE OUT!! We should have named her Houdini! Luckily for us, she didn’t do any damage except (1) pee on Minh’s bed and (2) left us a present in the master bedroom. That’s our own fault though, because Minh left the doors to those rooms open.

She’s still young and anxious about her new family and home, but I think she’ll eventually (I hope) get used to it. Minh and I are happy to have her, and hope she’ll be happy with us.

One thought on “Puppy Love

  1. Ahhh….how cute! Dogs are awesome. Skyler and I have learned the same lesson that everything they do wrong is your fault. Kinda a bummer, but it makes it easier not to stay mad at them. Hope we get to meet him one day.

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