How We Roll – Amtrak Century 2011

I did my first century in 2008. Minh and I got it in our heads somehow that 100 miles in one day would be “easy” enough, and we did it with very little training or preparation. Of course, we finished… pretty much the last ones to roll into the San Diego Amtrak Station. I was unable to walk the rest of the evening. Minh went and found us pizza while I laid motionless in the hotel room.

Fast forward 3 years, and Minh and I (somehow) decided to do the Amtrak Century again. And again, we had very little training or preparation. On the up-side, my fitness level is WAY higher than it was three years ago and I also took advantage of the magic of post-ride compression. This year, we were riding with some friends: Chris Nguyen, Albert Nguyen, and Robert Yee. Check out the awesome time-lapse video of our ride.

Video and photos by Robert Yee.

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